Fiona Ashley

My work aims to be a celebration of life. By exploring and capturing a fragmented fleeting idea; exploring beautiful objects/concepts/

moments the pieces encourage one to pause and acknowledge that beauty.  My work itself causes more curiosity.

I am intrigued by how water, sky and glass share certain qualities. How fluid becomes solid; how to portray/capture movement into the solid and using reflection, transparency, opacity and colour.


I am a modern stained glass artist using traditional techniques but with fewer rules to inspire and reflect wonder. Using basic concepts of Tiffany copper-foiling to solder a variety of man made, hand rolled and glass shaped by nature together, I form a whole.


My influences are from the natural and synthetic world. The sky, the coast, wind, trees but also from music, dance, written or spoken sound.


In exploring this fragile world I am often engaging with the constraints of physics, playing with light and colour, channelling sparks of emotion or thought, building flights of fancy. Encouraging a return to non-stop curiosity.


"Art washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life" - Pablo Picasso

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